The Hypocrisy of Adwords & Adsense

Google’s ad network(s) are supposed to be family friendly. Everyone who has used Adsense or Adwords knows that. There are hundreds of admins crying on Google’s webmasters forums because Google decided to stop their account for someone posting a hot babe in bikinis somewhere in the forum. Or apps getting banned for ’Gratuitous Violence’ (apparently forget about GTA, The Walking Dead, and other big players). Or Confederate Flag. Or Breitbart for hate speech.

“Google ads may not be placed on pages with adult or mature content. This includes, but is not limited to, pages with images or videos containing: strategically covered nudity…” etc.

What is interesting about Google is how it approaches rap music. Other day Youtube recommended me a rap music video that is very popular. While the rapper talks about literally killing people, I have a beautiful Kinder Bueno chocolate ads popping up. You click on the ad and Kinder Bueno tells me: We created this site so that Kinder could be closer to you and your family. For your peace of mind, however, your children can access these pages only with your prior approval. This is why we are asking you to please enter your date of birth.

Talk about hypocrisy.

NoScript Malware

Pussy, I’m a bully and a boss (Man, I’m a boss)
I’m killing ‘em, sorry for your loss (R.I.P.)

PS. I wonder how this video bypasses Google’s cencorship. Is it art?